Caterpillar with a crown?
Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 6:22 AM
Hi, I found this caterpillar-like creature in a canal near my house. Can you help me to identify it? Thank you.

Nawab Caterpillar

Nawab Caterpillar

Hi JY,
This is a Nawab Caterpillar from the genus Polyura. Information online indicates that there are only two species in Singapore. The caterpillar is not an exact match to the Blue Nawab, Polyura schreiber tisamenus, pictured on the Expert Insight website, but it looks even less like the Plain Nawab, Polyura hebe, also pictured on the Expert Insight website. We also located a Polyura web page that indicates there are more species in Singapore, but we can’t locate images of the caterpillars. You will have to be satisfied with the genus Polyura and the common name Nawab Butterfly. In March 2008, we posted a photo of an Australian member of the genus, Polyura sempronius, and found that its common name is the Tailed Emperor.

Correction: December 18, 2008
Caterpillar Identifications
Hello again, Daniel. a few other IDs and correction. Only two Nawabs ( Polyura ) presently fly in Singapore, both of which I am familiar with. This is a larval Blue Nawab ( P. schreiber ), which can be distinguished from the Plain Nawab ( P. hebe ) by its differently configured head horns and single — though at times absent, as here — dorsal crescent. I hope the above information is helpful.
Best wishes,
Keith Wolfe
aka “EarlyStages”

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