what type of bug is this
Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 8:12 PM
i was at the desert when i went to go into my pocket and some thing bit me. i took off my pants and this 8 leg big head and 4inch long can you please tell me what this bug is?
desert southern californa



Hi Jeremy,
We have received numerous letters from the American Southwest over the years requesting the identification of Solpugids or Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions or Sand Puppies. We have always said that they are harmless. Then images of related species from the Middle East known as Camel Spiders started circulating on the internet along with exaggerated accounts of their behavior. We still maintain that Solpugids in North America are harmless since they have no venom. They do have formidable jaws and they could bite, which is why we are posting your letter. Middle Eastern species are much larger and the bite is probably painful, but because of the absence of venom, it is still basically harmless. You didn’t really elaborate on the nature of your bite and we are curious if it was painful, broke the skin, or drew blood, or was it merely a noticeable nip?

the bite did not broke the skin but it felt like a pinch like someone pinch you really hard no blood just scaryed me.

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