Several months ago, our supervisor, Dean A. Jones, presented us with a clipping from the Orange County Register and we have not had a chance to post it. Here it is.

Bring Out Your Bugs
Jerusalem crickets have become the focus of intense scientific scrutiny because they seem to exist in a stunning variety. In fact, you might well have a new species hiding in your back yard.
And if you do, David Weissman wants to hear from your. Weissman, a San Francisco anesthesiologist with a PhD in entomology, and local entomologist Bob Allen want residents to help them gather specimens as part of Weissman’s attempt to identify and name an estimated 40 to 50 species found in California.
Weissman says he’s interested in specimens found a little farther inland. He’s especially curious about crickets from Costa Mesa.
Weissman wants only live specimens, and he wants them mailed — after you’ve checked with him. “I do reimburse for postage,” he said.
Both scientists urge caution. The bug’s jaws can deliver a mean bite; the larger ones can draw blood. “Scoop them up in a jar,” Allen says. “Use the lid of the jar.. They’ll just walk right in.”
Pat Brennan, The Register
Send a photo of your Jerusalem cricket to . If Weissman is interested, he will tell you how to ship the live specimen.

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