Mating Large Tolype
Sun, Oct 26, 2008 at 4:18 AM
Thought you would like a picture of two Tolype mating. These were on the side of a large flower pot. I took this picture on 9/22/08. I live in Geetingsville, Indiana, located in central Indiana. I do not know what that is on the pot to the left of the Tolype. About a week later it was gone. Thanks, Diane Little
Geetingsville, IN. Central Indiana

Large Tolype Moths Mating

Large Tolype Moths Mating

Hi Diane,
WE agree that this pair is more likely the Large Tolype, Tolype velleda, than the Small Tolype, Tolype notialis, based on the comments on BugGuide. The species is also called the Velleda Lappet Moth.

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