Camouflaged Grasshopper
Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 12:14 AM
Hi, I was perusing granitic formations around Knob Lick, Missouri when I espied movement. Upon closer inspection I realized I was looking at a highly camouflaged grasshopper.
There are many ‘hoppers in our general area, but I’ve never seen one quite like this. He’s approximately 2″ long. Can you tell me more about him?
Also, the second pic is of the more commonly seen ‘hoppers.
Thanks for your help! I love the site!
Misty, the HiTechRedneck
Knob Lick, MO

Pine Tree Spur-Throat Grasshopper

Pine Tree Spur-Throat Grasshopper

Hi Misty,
We spent a bit of time scanning through images on BugGuide, and we believe this is a Pine Tree Spur-Throat Grasshopper, Melanoplus punctulatus. BugGuide indicates: “Forests and oak savannah; may be nocturnal–comes to lights. Often seen perched on trunks of trees, where well-camouflaged.” Anyone who uses the verb espied is our kind of reader.

Correction:  October 27, 2008
Hi, Daniel:
Just went over to visit WTB and did find one minor error.  The image labeled “Pine tree spur-throated grasshopper” is actually a band-winged grasshopper, probably in the genus Trimerotropis, though it is hard to be conclusive.

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