Walking Stick on Maui but where’s it from?
Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 12:53 PM
Walking Stick on Maui but where’s it from?
Aloha from Maui again. Here’s a walking stick found earlier this month in the late afternoon. The folks at BugGuide and the Bishop Museum, Honolulu seem to be stumped about where this guy/gal came from. It was attached to my back window. About 5-6″ long. Love how the long legs have the antennae tucked between them in the front of the body. It was gone in the morning. About 2 weeks later, another one showed up on the other side of the house. Will send that separately. Imagine my surprise to see this second walking stick on the front door of my house. This one was shorter about 4-5″, much more ‘awake’ than the other one. They do not appear to be the same kind of walking stick from their leg position and coloring, unless this is an earlier version in their life cycle. Mahalo nui loa – Thanks for all!
Ha`iku, Maui



Hi Eliza,
If your local museum and BugGuide are stumped, we don’t know what more we can do but to post your photos and hope a reader can provide an answer. With the proliferation of exotic pets from around the world, many of which are insects, it isn’t entirely impossible that this is some exotic species that escaped or was released. The leg position in your first photo is a common resting posture of Phasmids.



Update:  December 15, 2008
I would just like to let you know IDs for some of the phasmid (walking
stick) pics you have on your site:
entry 23. 0ctober 2008 – this phasmid from Hawaii is Sipyloidea sipylus.
This species is not native to Hawaii, but to south east asia (like
Malayisa for example). But it has been introduces to several new
locations, like Madagascar and Hawaii
wishing you all the best
Dr. Bruno Kneubühler  (Switzerland)

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Location: Maui, Hawaii

10 Responses to Walkingstick in Hawaii: Sipyloidea sipylus

  1. gopala says:

    this phasmid from Hawaii is Sipyloidea sipylus.
    This species is not native to Hawaii, but to south east asia (like
    Malayisa for example). But it has been introduces to several new
    locations, like Madagascar and seemingly Hawaii

  2. yankeeinparadise says:

    Aloha! We live on Kauai. Last night we discovered a walking stick on the side of our Toyota Highlander. My daughter placed it in a jar. I’ll take a picture of it. As I “google” around the WEB I notice by the dates of the search, the Big Island got it first, then Maui, and now Kauai. Interesting. It’s a real world traveler. Looks like the bug in the first Men in Black.

  3. Keith says:

    What does pink winged walking stick feed on. The literature says blackberry leaves, but there are no blackberries anywhere nearby my location. I’m assuming it has been feeding on other plants.

  4. Jim Psaila says:

    We just found a baby Walking Stick bug in our yard in Kilauea on Kauai. We kept it under glass overnight and it molted. I read up on it and discovered that Stick bugs molt multiple times as they grow to adult.

  5. Logan says:

    Just found a seemingly similar type of insect to the first picture outside my house, this is on Oahu. It doesn’t seem to be endemic to Hawaii from what I have read.

  6. Lisa says:

    I live in Moanalua Valley on Oahu and just found a walking stick behind our house. Fascinating that my research says this bug isn’t supposed to be here. With so few sightings I wish I had kept it. I let it go in some shrubs to keep the ants away from it. Will keep an eye out for more.

  7. Ben says:

    One of them came in from my garden in Ahualoa on on some amaranth leaves, the leaves had large holes from being chewed on by something so perhaps the stick insect was eating them. When I put it outside it played dead, catatonic.

  8. Gerry says:

    Just saw one at my home in Nuuanu, Oahu. Never seen one before

  9. Adrienne Epifano says:

    We just found our first on the window this morning in Haiku. We’ve never seen them here before. Are these something that going to take over?

  10. Jennifer says:

    I live on Oahu-the species escaped from university of Hawaii many years ago-it is from Madagascar-I live on Oahu high up on the mountains-they come out at night and eat my roses-you have to be careful they spay a neurotoxin and my sons leg went numb

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