The most beautiful moth ever?
Sun, Oct 19, 2008 at 10:47 PM
Hi guys,
I just photographed this tiny diaphenous moth on the mudguard of my car and had to share it with you. I’ve sent it to you in a large picture size as the specks make it hard to see detail when it is downsized. The background is the green metallic paint of my car, the moth is only about 1cm wingtip to wingtip. I am blown away by how beautiful it is and so delicate, it is one of the most beautiful moths I have ever seen. Hopefully someone knows what it is.
Queensland, Australia

Many Plume Moth from Australia

Many Plume Moth from Australia

Hi Trevor,
WE are quite certain this is a Many-Plume Moth in the family Orneodidae, but we haven’t the time to research an exact species. With our current internet problems due to a weak Time Warner signal that the cable company is having problems correcting, we cannot do any further research at the moment. Our very old edition of An Introduction to Entomology by John Henry Comstock states: “These insects resemble the Plume-Moths in having the wings fissured; but her the fissuring is carried to a much greater extent than in that family, each wing being divided into six plumes.” Perhaps this information will help with an exact identification.

ID for that Plume Moth
Hi Guys,
found an ID for the plume moth, Alucita phricodes. Thanks for posting the picture. Queensland, Australia

Hi Trevor,
We always like linking to other images and information online, and we were quite surprised to see your photo already posted to the Moths of Australia website.

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