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Help I don’t know what this is
Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 8:45 PM
I am trying to find out what this bug is. I discovered it underneath a flat board that was covering a broken basement window, the board fell off the house and when I picked it up this was underneath the board with others like it numbering around 25 – 60 of them, they scattered fast, seems to like dark moist places. It measures from front to back without including leg or antannae, 1 cm long. I am worried this may be some type of bug that is causing hidden damage to my home.
Scott worried in Ohio
Midwest, Columbus, OH

Long Necked Seed Bug

Long Necked Seed Bug

Hi Scott,
The Long Necked Seed Bug, Myodocha serripes, is not damaging your home. According to BugGuide, the Long Necked Seed Bug “overwinters as adult in leaf litter or under bark of trees in woodlands” and is found in “Leaf litter in early spring; fields and artificial lights in summer.” Many True Bugs hibernate overwinter in aggregations, and your individuals found the board to be a fine substitute for the bark of a tree.  While it is not harming the home, it may be harming your strawberries, because BugGuide also indicates it feeds on the “Seeds of strawberry and st. johnswort. Sometimes a pest of strawberries. ” We believe your photo is a new species for our site.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Columbus, Ohio

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