some kind of beatle?
Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 3:12 PM
found these two having a romantic evening as the sun set on Oct 12, 2008.
very prehistoric looking. thank you,
South St. Louis area of Missouri USA

Mating Wheel Bugs

Mating Wheel Bugs

Hi Genesis,
Prehistoric is a word that we often hear in conjunction with Wheel Bugs. Your mating Wheel Bugs are Assassin Bugs, not beetles.

Neither pair of wheel bugs is mating, just coupled.  Mating means they would by coupled, the male off to the side, not directly on top.
Eric Eaton

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  1. genesislongo says:

    Thank You. Since discovering your site I have gained quite an education and have solved mysteries that have lurked in the back of my mind for 30 years. Your prompt response made it possible to find out everything I needed to know about each of the specimen in question. I appreciate your time and service.

  2. bugdude21 says:

    BEWARE! They deliver a painful bite!

  3. john fasnacht says:

    My brother recently showed me this bug and my wife and I saw one on our driveway yesterday. I was watching the local news just now and the news reporter showed a picture of it and referred to it as an assassin bug or a wheel bug. That’s what persuaded me to look it up on your website. Thank You John 10/27/2014

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