Bug with carapace made of OTHER BUGS!!
Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 6:03 PM
Dear What’s That Bug Man, my computer just crashed, so if you’re seeing this email for a second time, that’s why. This very tiny (about 1/2 the size of my little fingernail) bug is, from the underneath (not shown in these photos), gray and somewhat louselike. From above, it appears to be wearing a little house made of DEAD, OTHER BUGS. The false carapace is topped with a whitish object–an egg? From the side, I can see its little legs–a lot of them–and pincers, but I can’t tell if the pincers are its own or belong to one of the dead bugs. You helped me once with my Very Special Spotted Bug (an ironclad beetle) and I hope you can help me again! Thank you! p.s. I love the updated website!
Kaila W.
Dripping Springs, TX (west of Austin)

Debris Carrying Green Lacewing Larva

Debris Carrying Green Lacewing Larva

Lacewing Larva

Really? Well all right then! We have lacewing eggs all over the place, even inside. But what the heck is up with it carrying around the little house made of dead bugs? Do you have information about this? It’s quite fascinating. And quite bizarre. I desire explanation on top of identification! But perhaps I can do that for myself, now that I know what bug to research!
Thank you so much for your speedy reply! Your website is one of my constant favorites.

Hi Kaila,
We often write a very short response before doing a lengthier answer for posting. This is a Green Lacewing Larva. Some species carry debris like your specimen. According to BugGuide: “It seems that the trash carried by these larvae confers some protection against predatory ladybeetles. ”

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