Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 5:30 PM
I found this spider yesterday outside my bedroom window.  It’s not one that I’ve seen where we live before (SW Missouri) – hoping you can identify it!

Golden Orb-Weaver

Golden Orb-Weaver

Hi Kris,
Argiope aurantia, the Golden Orb-Weaver, has numerous common names, including Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow Garden Orbweaver, Writing Spider and Black & Yellow Argiope.  Here is a BugGuide discussion on the common names for this species.  Your photo nicely illustrates the stabilimentum, the zig-zag structure in the web that gives rise to the common name of Writing Spider.

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  1. Phillip says:

    I don’t think this one is a golden orb weaver, although it’s commonly confused with one. The golden orb weaver (nephila calipers) is mostly yellow rather than black with yellow and notably weaves a golden/yellow web.

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