spider wrapping large prey
Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 10:45 PM
dear bugman,
haven’t heard back about the previous ID but i found what is seemingly a different golden orb weaver in the tomatoes again and wanted to share these photos. i think it’s a different spider because the markings are distinctly different, but it seems to be the same type. still not quite sure about the golden orb weaver ID for these two even though it seems to match because their markings look a bit atypical.
at this point i am just curious (plus i enjoy photographing interesting insects), and mostly wanted to share these up-close-and-personal pics of this spider wrapping her prey (a large grasshopper).
thank you, i appreciate your site. take care,

Banded Orbweaver eats Grasshopper

Banded Orbweaver eats Grasshopper

Hi Rayna,
Your spider is a Banded Orbweaver, whereas your previous spider is a Golden Orbweaver.  This is an awesome image of the Banded Orbweaver and its Grasshopper prey.

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