Wednesday, October 8, 2008, at 02:16 PM
A praying mantis has moved in and is calling my porch home.  I met her on
the screen door in the morning.  She was a beautiful dark green and tan.
She was back on the screen door when I came home after 9pm that evening.
She was light green color this time.
Since I haven’t seen a praying mantis around here I looked her up on the web
to find out why she had taken up residence near my porch light.  Ah ha!  She
was slowly climbing the screen door to get the the moths flying around the
I just saw her again this afternoon.  She’s just hanging on the porch light,
upside down, waiting…waiting.  Oh, and her color is brown now.

funny, her mate moved onto my porch light last night. The photo is on right now. He is still here tonight, catching moths at the porch light. Wish you would send a photo.

I’ll shoot her in the morning when I can see her without the porch light
blinding the shot.  But I wish I had a better camera to catch her catching
her catch.  It’s quite creepy the way she pivots her head whenever I walk
out the door.
Yes.  Great photo.  Same species.  I’ll photograph mine in the morning.
Amazing how their heads can turn 180 degrees.  It’s shape and movement
reminds me of the aliens in War of the Worlds.  Mine is a picky eater.  The
moths are actually bumping into her but she’s waiting for the juiciest one
to drop on her.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Sorry this comes too late for the morning edition.  Also sorry for the lack
of control over the exposure.   …if I had more time…!
Notice the boring beige camouflage of our little gal.  I guess she was just
adding the appropriate color to blend with the existing brown and black.

Female California Mantis

Female California Mantis

Thanks Helene,
It appears you really do have a female. Perhaps we can set our respective guests up with a blind dinner date.

Location: California

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