Florida Predatory Stinkbug ?
Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 5:44 PM
Hi to all who have helped me,
I was so blown away by this stink bug.  I read somewhere that it had a 4 section  beak?.  Looks like a sectional proboscis of sorts.  I could not believe the orange “beak”  I had to work to get this photo and that is always fun.  It was well worth the “coaxing” to get these shots.  I just had to see what the article was about (no photos).
How does this “beak” get  back into his  “mouthpart” for lack of a better description or does it store underneath?   I could not see how he did that I think this is so cool.  Maybe you know a stinkbug Dr. you could pass this along to.
Janis Osborne
Duluth, GA
Oct. 2008

Florida Predatory Stink Bug

Florida Predatory Stink Bug

Hi Janis,
Thanks so much for sending your awesome photo of a Florida Predatory Stink Bug, Euthyrhynchus floridanus.  It is a welcomed addition to our archive.

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  1. clickbeetle says:

    The beak folds under the bug’s head and thorax.

  2. k4ats says:

    I went back to the folder with the photos of the stinkbug and found another
    view of the “beak” and it does seem to fit under the bug. The photos I
    took were not focused on that part and not enough depth of field to be very
    sharp. He did not like being upside down so only a couple of shots were
    possible. He is gone now so next year maybe. He does like some nectar
    also. Janis

  3. stinkbugb says:

    May any of your archive photos be downloaded and used as part of art work? For example, can one (or a part of one) of your photos be put a T-shirt that might be sold?

    If they can NOT be used for commercial purposes THEN may I put Janis’s Florida Stinkbug photo on a virtual 3-D t-shirt to be worn by a virtual 3-D female model? Then, I want to use the render of this model in a stinkbug t-shirt SIMPLY as an avatar to represent me on message boards/forums. It will NOT be used commercially.

    Thank you.

    • bugman says:

      Dear stinkbugb,
      The actual photos submitted to What’s That Bug? are copyrighted by the photographers, though our submission form indicates that we may use the images on What’s That Bug? as well as for What’s That Bug? endorsed purposes. We allow images to be used for educational purposes, and for non-profit usage. Though your request is not typical for us, as long as you are not selling the image, we do not have a problem with the use you indicate, but if you are contacted by the actual photographer, and they object to the use, we would request that you dispense with the use.

  4. stinkbugb says:

    Thank you very much!

    I will give Janis a few days to respond to this post before I make and begin using the avatar containing her fantastic photo. Actually, only the “cut-out” bug, not the whole photo, is to be used.

    Is there any way the finished avatar can be put on this page or message board so that Janis can see how her photo is to be used?

    It’s funny that “stink bug” is supposed to be two words but my word processor allows it to go through as one word. I hope BOTH ways are acceptable because I have been writing it as ONE word!

    • bugman says:

      We are copying our web master, also named Daniel, to see if he can advise you on posting the image as a comment.
      Stink Bug is two words in the entomology world, though in popular culture, the compound word has gained acceptance.

  5. stinkbugb says:

    Janis, you have not responded. I hope it is OK with you that I just uploaded the avatar using your stink bug photo.

    It is at: http://forum.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=137040


    • Emily B says:

      I know it’s geeb 8+ years but I have one of these stink bugs that has been in my flowers for months. I just now looked it up to see what kind it is. If you weren’t able to use Janis’s photo I’ll be happy to take a few for you if you’d still like. On another note I can’t believe what a small world we live in, I am Janis’s neighbor…I also live in Duluth, GA.

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