October 7, 2008
Please think about letting your trusted and knowledgeable fellow bug lovers assist in answering your emails. The admin part would be easy to set-up. I know that if you put out a message on your site, that many of your site’s fans and reliable friends will happily take on the email questions you can not get to. Your own personal army, think about it. The fact that you get so many emails means there is a serious need for this site and the valuable help it provides… not to mention all of us that would love to be honorary bug ambassadors of good will. PS You helped identify alternative food sources to save my five tomato hornworm friends who were starving because I couldn’t find any tomato plants to buy. Signed devoted bug-lover, Lisa 🙂

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the suggestion, but we are not sure how this would work.  We will discuss this suggestion with our web host for possible solutions.

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