Mantis vs Monarch
Hey Bugman,
I love this site! You have helped me identify the bagworns and army worms that have invaded my country yard this year, but today we had a nice treat in the garden. My children spotted this struggling monarch and thought he was just injured. Upon closer inspection we discovered that he was trapped by a well disguised mantis! While we don’t like to lose a monarch, it was fascinating to see nature in action!
Keeping it Country
Fairview, Texas (north of Dallas)

Preying Mantis eats Monarch Butterfly

Preying Mantis eats Monarch Butterfly

Dear Keeping,
Thanks so much for sending us your fascinating Food Chain image.  Mantids often wait in blossoms for unsuspecting pollinators like wasps, bees and butterlies.  Your mantis appears to be immature as the wings don’t look fully developed.

Ed. Note:  Thanks to a comment, we now know that this is a Carolina Mantis.

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Location: Texas

2 Responses to Carolina Mantis eats Monarch

  1. bugdude21 says:

    That Mantid Will probably be disappointed over his meal. Monarchs eat milkweed,which is poisonous,plus the warning colors should have stated that it wouldnt taste very good. Well you learn from mistakes.

  2. ismart says:

    That adult female stagmomantis carolina will have no problem devouring that Monarch. She is immune to the toxin.

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