Pink and Yellow Moth With Bright Green Eyes
Hi Bugman–
I took a picture of this moth a few weeks ago…. It’s the size of Miller Moth, resembles a Goldenrod Stowaway (sat like it, had a tuft on it’s head…but the wrong color). I don’t believe it to be a Rosy Maple Moth, as it’s head was pink and it has very green eyes and a more speckled look. I’ve compared it as well to a Pink Prominent and Primrose Moth, but each had different characteristics unlike this little beauty. We are stumped!!! We live in extreme SE Colorado, and was wondering if you could identify?
The Davis Family

Pink Spotted Flower Moth

Pink Spotted Flower Moth

Dear Davis Family,
This one proved to be quite a challenge for us. After doing much searching, we stumbled upon the Pink Spotted Flower Moth, Erythroecia suavis, on the Moth Photographers Group website. Interestingly, BugGuide has a link on the Primrose Moth page, that leads to a Moths of North Dakota page on the Pink Spotted Flower Moth. There isn’t much information, but we are relatively certain we have identified your moth. We have not been able to locate a photo of a living moth online, as all the images associated with our links are mounted specimens from collections. Your photos on our site may be the only photos of a living Pink Spotted Flower Moth posted online. Thanks so much for the contribution to our archives.

Pink Spotted Flower Moth

Pink Spotted Flower Moth

Hi Bugman,
Thank you so much for the ID.  That is definitely our moth!  I am so excited to know our posting is so unique.  Thank you for the time it took to identify this moth, and thank you for such an incredible site.
The Davis Family

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  1. swaggoner66 says:

    I have found a live moth that looks the same as this today and got pictures of it. I am needing to know how to post a picture. I was so amazed with the color of this moth.

  2. Maddy says:

    OMG! I found one yesterday I live in Ontario! Here is a pic…

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