Itty bitty crumb spider
Hi again! You were so wonderful to identify my folding door spider! I have registered for your site, and logged in numerous times, but it won’t allow me to comment, says that I am not logged in, or else I would have thanked you right away! This little bitty guy is very cute and lives on our computer monitor, he’s only slightly bigger than a jumping spider size wise, and that’s only because of his leg span. I found he tended to hold out his 2 front legs like a tiny crab.
Holly Claire
Victoria, vancouver island, BC

Bark Crab Spider

Bark Crab Spider

Hi Holly,
It is interesting that you compared your spider’s appearance to that of a crab, because it is definitely a Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae. We believe it may be a Bark Crab Spider, as it is a pretty convincing match to an image of Bassaniana versicolor posted to BugGuide. We are not sure why you are having problems with posting comments. We will refer your problem to our web host to see if he has a solution.

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  1. spiderspirit says:

    Thank you again for your prompt reply! My account is working fine now. I hope you know all you’re doing is encouraging me to go out and find more spiders to take pictures of and send in. 🙂


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