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Unknown micro-mantis
Hello Bugman!
I just wanted to ask for help with this tiny tiny critter. My friend found this inside of a cicada husk while collecting them for me in south central Pennsylvania. It was surrounded by some sort of webbing (or the husk was anyway), so at first we thought it was some sort of spider, but it only has six legs. It holds its two front limbs like a mantis, so I assume this is predatory. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
PS- I figured out my last mystery insect, it was a lesser ichneumon.
Blanton A.
Pennsylvania (Lancaster)

Thread-Legged Bug

Thread-Legged Bug

Hi Blanton,
We are happy you figured out your last mystery insect as we don’t have time to answer all inquiries. October 2 was a slow letter day, probably because many people were watching the debate. This is a predatory Thread-Legged Bug, most likely Stenolemus lanipes which can be found on BugGuide which indicates that it “Preys on spiders, or perhaps scavenges prey caught in webs.”

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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