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Secretive nocturnal spider from Vancouver island
Hello, I’ve been waiting for your site to be back up to ask you what this spider is. I love spiders and researching them and am slightly embarrassed I have no idea what this is. I found him running full tilt across a sidewalk from a hedge towards a main road about 2 am in the morning in Victoria, vancouver island BC. He froze and posed for a picture (a couple since I couldn’t fix the macro on my camera) I’d say that he was about the size of a quarter around, he was easy to spot in the dark because he was so big, like bulky. I went through every spider picture on your site, is it a trapdoor spider? I realize I should have got a better picture of the eye arrangement.
Victoria, British Columbia

Folding Door Spider

Folding Door Spider

Hi Holly,
We believe we have matched your spider to a Folding Door Spider in the genus Antrodiaetus that is posted on BugGuide.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 Responses to Folding Door Spider

  1. Sabien wright-william says:

    These guys are pretty docile! I’ve had no problems handling the males.
    They come into the house looking for… well, probably hormonal traces from a reticent household female, or a drink of water from our bathroom or kitchen.

    They are not at all aggressive with responsible handling. I guide them gently into my palm and put them outside.

    I don’t feel like I need a jar or anything when I hold these relatively slow, poorly-sighted and hardy arachnids. My first meeting with one, however, was a scream! It crawled onto my big toe while I was sitting on my couch. I’d never seen one before. I jumped up so fast, I actually saw it come down back onto the couch from how high up I kicked my foot.

    Then I took some pictures of him and took him outside.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for letting us know of your humorous introduction to the Folding Door Spider. We are happy to learn you have grown to appreciate them.

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