tiny fly in bathroom
Hello, i can’t eradicate these tiny flies/gnats from my bathroom. I have no idea what it is nor why it and dozens of it’s brethren over the last few months desire my shower. Please help in identifying this freeloader and what steps i can make to have him/her look for lodging elsewhere. Thanks,

Bathroom Fly

Bathroom Fly

Hi Logan,  
Your fly is actually called a Bathroom Fly, Clogmia albipunctata.  The larvae live in the sludge that accumulates in sink and tub drains.  Removing the sludge accumulation should help reduce the numbers of flies that are present.

Bathroom Fly

Bathroom Fly

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5 Responses to Bathroom Fly

  1. Mollie says:

    The internet continues to amaze me. It’s like it sucked everyone’s brains into itself so no MATTER what one asks in a search engine there is an answer. So, yes, I was surprised that there is something called a Bathroom Fly, Clogmia albipunctata. I searched for “tiny black insect with wings.” And this bathroom fly was my first hit. And yes, these flies are in my bathroom. Time to clean out the sludge! (Actually don’t most insects have wings? Guess not.) Thanks!

  2. Pat says:

    I searched for “black heart fly.” This site is fantastic. I’ve lived with these little cuties in a couple different places and never had a problem with them. I just wish I could train them to stay off the bathroom floor, at night I can’t see them!

  3. Susie says:

    “Little flies, black wings” and I found out exactly what they are! I live in the South, though, and I also see them outside. What’s with that?

    • bugman says:

      Before they adapted to living indoors in drain pipes, they were found in sludgy conditions in the natural habitat.

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