Big Beetle
Hello Bug Man!
My husband and I came across this beetle while camping in San Diego county. It was early August, 2005 and this bug flew into our camp two nights in a row, but we only saw it at night. I didn’t see anything that resembled this one in your “Beetle” section. It was also very hard and heavy… at least it sounded that way when it would land.
BTW… LOVE this website!!
Excitedly Awaiting a Response!
San Diego, CA

California Root Borer

California Root Borer

Hi Excited,
Your large beetle is a California Root Borer or California Prionus, Prionus californicus. The antennae on your specimen indicates that it is a male. Our edition of Charles Hogue’s Insects of the Los Angeles Basin indicates that adults emerge in early summer. The late appearance of this specimen might be a sign of impending climactic changes. The California Root Borer is attracted to lights. The large grubs were eaten by Native Americans and there is a growing interest Entomophagy, of the consumption of insects, so we will also file your letter under Tasty Morsels, our Edible Insect section.

3 Responses to California Root Borer

  1. Jane Evanson says:

    Does this bug kill trees?
    Do trees (willow, cedar, pine) need to be cut down if they have small round holes in their bark- I don’t have the Asian Longhorn beetle.
    Thank you!

  2. Gary says:

    My wife found one in lake county and it was huge. We were very careful with it and moved it over from our dirt project and set it into the neighbors yard. We left it alone and it scurried off.

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