While mushroom picking this September on the north-eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg, I found this Hallowe’en coloured beetle along with some carrion beetles munching on a rotting Boletus badius.
Would you identify it for me please?
C. Peniuta

Burying Beetle

Burying Beetle

Hi C,
This is a Burying Beetle in the genus Nicrophorus.  They feed on carrion but are also attracted to rotting fungus.

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  1. herdofnoni says:

    i had one of these in my bedroom! flying around he sounded like a plane. we caught it and put it in a jar to discover its head and thorax? was covered in tiny little bugs a parasite of sorts. kind of looked like ticks but really small. i sent in a picture to whats that bug but i am sure they are very busy! at least we know now what this bug is. kids started calling it a charlie brown beetle cause of the stripe!

  2. Constantine says:

    Was really helpful thank you !
    Google search brought me to your website

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