Buck Moth – Hemileuca graffini
I live close to Page AZ (northern AZ) and the last few days these beautiful moths have been hatching. They are flying all over Page and the surrounding area. Thanks to your great website, I think I have identified it as a Hemileuca graffini. Keep up the great work!
Page, AZ (northern AZ)

Buck Moth

Buck Moth

Hi Carol,
Thanks for sending us your lovely Buck Moth image. We are happy our site enabled you to identify your specimen as Hemileuca griffini.  We may have a typo on our original posting of this species.  We believe this might also be the Hera Buck Moth, Hemileuca hera, based on images on the Butterflies and Moths of North America website

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  1. willie2sheds says:

    The correct ID is Hemileuca griffini. H. hera looks similar but is much larger and flies in Sagebrush habitats. Griffini flies in Blackbrush habitat.

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