Walking stick species???
We saw this in our back yard today. It has a baby on its back. The bug is wingless and has 6 legs. It looks like some kind of small fat walking stick 🙂 It is certainly adapted for living in trees with its coloring. We live in Southern Ky. (East Bernstadt).’m sending in 2 pics to help you ID it…Can’t wait to find out!! Thanks…this is a really cool site by the way
Ed and daughter Scarlett
Souther, Ky

Mating Walkingsticks

Mating Walkingsticks

Hi Ed and Scarlett,
Your insects are mating Walkingsticks.  We thought they might be Muskmares, but we also thought you were too far north for this species.  We believe this is a closely related species in the same genus, Anisomorpha ferruginea, which we located on Bugguide.

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2 Responses to Mating Walkingsticks

  1. bugdude21 says:

    That means the eggs will be either be boys or girls. If the female doesnt mate the eggs will be only females. Cool huh?

  2. bdunham says:

    i live in Sand Springs, Ok and i came across this but, which i found out by your site that are are mating walkingsticks, my yard is covered in them when we mow we prolly have a billion of them…..thank you for your site to tell me what kind of bug i have…

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