Unknown Bug, Sorry
you hear it all the time, however, I’d just like to say what a fantastic library of data you have, really outstanding. I have searched the majority of your database, various other websites, and a book that I have, however, I cannot for the life of me find this creature. It looks like several things, but I’m not going to say what to make a fool of myself if they are way off the mark haha. Could you please help? This photo was taken in an area filled with overgrown plants, moist ground and no human interference. The creature is shown on the leaf of a gipsywort plant, a full sized plant specimen (or near full size).
Taken 10/09/2008 in Newport, South Wales, United Kingdom.
Dont mind ?



Dear Dont Mind,
We know this is the second time you have submitted this query, and we don’t know the answer. We haven’t the time to research at the moment, but we hope by posting your letter and photo, someone may write in with an answer. All we know for certain is that this is a Hymenopteran, the order that contains wasps and bees. We suspect it may be a wood wasp or sawfly, but we are not certain.

Karl provided us with a comment identifying this as an Ichneumon but he was unable to link to an image of Amblyteles armatorius. When we did a web search on the name he provided, we encountered this matching image.

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  1. kkroeker says:

    Hello Don’t Mind?

    Your mystery bug is an ichneumid wasp (order Hymenoptera), probably in the genus Amblyteles. Unfortunately (from the perspective of trying to identify it) the UK is very well stocked with thousands of ichneumon species. That said, your photo looks very much like the A. armatorius pictured at the link below. Sorry, I can’t figure out how to hyperlink it.




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