sexual dimorphism, Mantid sexual congresS?
daniel & lisa,
find attached .jpeg for your review. the male was somewhat larger than the female. and
attacked the camera last week. i can resend video if interested. took these two along time to finish they’re business. great sight. thanks,
west michigan

Mating Preying Mantids

Mating Preying Mantids

Hi Thomas,
Thanks for sending us your photo of mating Preying Mantids.  It is actually the female that is the larger of the two.  Thanks for your offer of video, but at the moment, we are not introducing this option to our website.

September 11, 2009
I am surprised no one commented to explain what is really happening here. What you see here is not an example of sexual dimorphism, but something I never saw before – and really worth noting – 2 different species of mantises trying to mate! The male on top is actually a male Chinese Mantis, Tenodera aridifolia sinensis, while the one on the bottom is a female European mantis, Mantis religiosa. It is very obvious to those of us who live in the Northeastern US and know a bit about mantises, that these are 2 different species. The picture is very clear – the Chinese has those vertical stripes on its face, the European does not. The European also has the eye spot on it’s inner ‘upper arm’ (coxa) that is easily visible. And the stripe along the wing is brown in the brown European, while the brown Chinese always has a green stripe. The only time I saw something similar was during the late 1970s, when a male Chinese TRIED to mate with a female Narrow Winged mantis (Tenodera angusti pennis) in my garden, and she promptly ate him before he had a chance. I wonder what sort of hybrid would come out of a Chinese and European….It does not look in the picture that he can get his abdomen onto hers, that she is too short, so I wonder what actually happened here…….
Mantis observer

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  1. I too have seen this once before many years ago. Same circumstance where a male Chinese mantid attempted to mount and mate with a European female. At the time, she attempted to eat him until I intervened since she was preparing to bite his head off! Her body was simply too short during my observation for his genitalia to make contact and commence copulation. I have studied cicadas for many years and know there is hybridization with several Neotibicen species. I wonder if there are hybrids within the overlapping territories in the Tenodera mantis species too? Ex. T. sinensis & augustipennis.

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