Weird Bug from Thailand
I was hoping that you could help me identify this bug please from when I was living in Jomtien, Thailand. It chased me (or so it seemed) whilst I was outside put my washing to dry. After hiding in an out building for 10 minutes I ran back to the main house to tell me husband. When I went back outside it seemed to have been waiting for me and flew at me again. It finaly settled on a tree and my husband took this picture. Thank you for any information you can give. Love the site.
Stephanie (UK)

Cerambycid from Thailand

Cerambycid from Thailand

Hi Stephanie,
This surely is a spectacular looking Long-Horned Borer Beetle in the genus Cerambycidae. We are not certain of the species, and since we have several days of catch-up to do with posting since our new site migration, we haven’t the time to research this further. We feel fully confident that one of our loyal readers will be able to provide a proper identification, and then use the new comment option on our site to post an identification. To further assist in the identification, a larger file can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

Update: 23 September 2008
Finally went to see the new site….
The big, long-legged yellow longhorn with the black stripes from Thailand is Gerania bosci, apparently at least an uncommon species in collections.  Great image, given the fear factor:-)
Eric Eaton

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  1. Schizo says:

    It may be a Gerania bosci.

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