A calvacade of love….
Hey guys,
Thanks so much again, for your wonderful website and your
posting of insect photos so I can identify some of my critters. My
co-workers now think I have some sort of weird perversion to taking
photos of insect ‘porn’. Hmmmm I wonder if I do. I hope you can use
these photos.
Btw, there was a gentleman who answered a dragonfly question for me
earlier this year…if at all possible, could you pass my email address
to him as I would like to pick his brain about the various dragonflies
around this area, and he said he was from Manitoba.
ALSO, all these photos were taken in aspen parklands area of
southwestern Manitoba in Canada.
Sherry Lynn Punak-Murphy
Natural Resource Technician/Biologist
CFB/ASU Shilo, Manitoba

Mating Big Sand Tiger Beetles

Mating Big Sand Tiger Beetles

Hi Again Sherry Lynn,
We are thrilled with all your marvelous images, but our archiving method makes multiple species on a single letter a bit of a problem.  We would love to have you resend the Blister Beetle images using our new submission form on our newly metamorphosed website. We believe your mating Tiger Beetles are Big Sand Tiger Beetles,  Cicindela formosa, based on photos posted to BugGuide. Sadly, we do not keep email addresses from old submissions, but the new comment feature on our website may allow for the dialog you desire.

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