strange flying creature
You have a great website, it’s helped me identify some critters in my area already.
If you have time to check this one out, I’d be grateful. I live in southeast Pennsylvania and this past July I was hiking at a State park and came across two of these in the woods. I’ve never seen them before.  I tried searching your website but I’m not even sure what insect family they’re in. They were about an inch long and the strangest thing I observed was how they flew. They seemed to just float and were almost vertical as they moved slowly thru the air. The one in the photo drifted toward a plant and just sort of hung onto it when I took the picture. Thanks for any help,

Phantom Crane Fly

Phantom Crane Fly

Hi Jaime,
What a positively gorgeous image of a Phantom Crane Fly, Bittacomorpha clavipes.  As we are still trying to transition to our new format, we are not posting live, but your image will be on the web as soon as our transition is complete.

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  1. Kelly Runberg says:

    Amazing! I’ve been trying to identify this bug for half a century! THANK YOU!!!!

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