Tarantula Hawk
I have a pretty good picture of a Tarantula hawk, I believe,  according to what I have read on line.  My neighbor across the street has a bush that was just loaded with them a couple of weeks ago.  They seemed to have left the area lately, (Sept 13th, 2008).  I notice most of the pictures were a little blurry etc.  I wanted to send you a better photo. See the attachment. Thanks for your column… sure helps out when one is in the dark!!  A couple of years ago I sent in a Horse Lubber Grasshopper as no picture was available at that time. Thanks again!
Ron Stein
Green Valley, AZ
(just south of Tucson)

Tarantula Hawk

Hi Ron,
Thanks so much for sending us your wonderful photo of a Tarantula Hawk.  As we are currently migrating our site, the image will not be posted live until our migration is complete in the very near future.

Location: Green Valley, Arizona

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