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strange green eyed bug
Hello. We saw this bug in Big Pine Key, Florida scurrying around the deck. We were wondering what this bug is!! It has green “headlights” on its head. We thought at first it was eyes, then got a closer look. Can you tell us what this bug is???
thanks for your help,
Jennifer White
Kevin Crowe

Glowing Click Beetle

Glowing Click Beetle

Hi Jennifer and Kevin,

Your beetle is a Glowing Click Beetle in the genus Deilelater. We have also seen them called Fire Beetles.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. patrick says:

    saw the green glow in a tall tree behind my house. at least 20 to 30 of them it was really cool. never saw them before as a florida native for 48 years. I live in venice east so keep a lookout for them!

  2. Geoffrey Schrader says:

    Tonight I saw a glowing click beetle. I am in a motorhome in a dark, damp wilderness area not far from Big Pine Key. I am on Sugarloaf Key. I immediately had to look it up and find what it is. I found it interesting, as well, that it was solitary. I could see no others around. Maybe he couldn’t clique with them.

  3. Mark Hernandez says:

    In spanish we call them cucullo. They are native to puerto rico but I grew up with them here in Miami every summer. They seemed to have disapeared in the 2000’s but the last couple of years they seem to be back. We consider them good luck and love to play with them. They also love to get in our houses and youll see their cute little green “eyes” walking along the floor up up the walls. 🙂

  4. Lizi says:

    I’m from Cuba. In Cuba there is a bunch of these insects. Kid use to collect them and put them in a jar to illuminate the night, and then set them free. Beautiful memories that will never come back, And yes just like in Puerto Rico they mean good luck, so if you see one don’t kill them. They are harmless.

  5. Sharkie says:

    Saw a glowing click beetle today. On paradise island, bahamas. Very cool.

  6. Kaky says:

    Just saw one outside our house in Indialantic florida.

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