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Here’s an arachnid found in the upstairs of a home near Gooderham, ON (about 120 miles northeast of Toronto).  It was crawling on the floor, no obvious web.  Wolf spider of some sort?  Pictures of specimen attached. Any help appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Hi Ed,
In our estimation, this is a Trapdoor Spider, but we cannot find a convincing match on BugGuide. We will see if Eric Eaton can assist.  Eric responded with this:  “Hi, Daniel:

The specimen from Oregon is actually a wolf spider in the family Lycosidae, some of which get to be the size of trapdoor spiders.  There are “foldingdoor tarantulas” throughout Oregon that are quite large as well, in the genus Antrodiaetus, family Antrodiaetidae, so people may find the large males wandering around in search of mates at this time of year. Eric”

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  1. charlee says:

    three of these wolf spiders in three days is 3 too many. how do i get rid of them or find out where they are coming from? charlene

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