Unusual but pretty
Hi folks,
while I was out walking near the shore in Cumbria UK, I come accross these rather pretty little creatures. I have never seen anything like them before so my question is: I didn’t kill them I just took a picture and let them be! What are they? Picture attached…
James W. Smith

Hi James,
These are mating Six Spot Burnet Moths, Zygaena filipendulae, and according to the UK Moths website, they are the commonest day flying Burnet Moth in Britain.

Update: 18 September 2008
Hi, great website. Your pictures of burnet moths titled ” Six Spot Burnet Moths Mating in the UK, (09/12/2008) Unusual but pretty” are actually narrow-bordered five spot burnet moths Zygaena lonicerae. Couldn’t see any way of adding this info to the site.

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Location: UK

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  1. Sue says:

    I spotted this little bug in Essex. Knowing now that is a moth, I am very surprised as I saw it during day light. Red spots looked rather like Heart shapes.

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