White webby moths
These pictures are of a colony of some tiny moths that have set up residence on my Hibiscus plant in Oceanside California. They dont seem to be eating the leaves, just stringing out large quantities of spiderweb like strands on the underside and laying their eggs in it. I’ve searched the internet endlessly and cant find them anywhere.

Hi Brad,
These are not moths. You have a Giant Whitefly infestation, Aleurodicus dugesii, an invasive species from Mexico. We ware linking to the University of California Integrated Statewide Pest Management Program website for more information. According to the site, you can: “Manage giant whiteflies in your landscape with an integrated program that includes removal of infested leaves and, if necessary, washing whiteflies off leaves with water. When choosing plants, consider species less susceptible to giant whitefly. iological
control agents are presently being introduced and have become established in parts of southern California. Check with your University of California Cooperative Extension farm advisor about the status of the biological control program in your area. Insecticides are not generally recommended because they destroy the biological control agents. A forceful stream of water (syringing) directed at colonies can be just as effective as insecticide sprays.” Personally, we would use the strong water spray combined with leaf removal before the insecticide.

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