Magnolia, TX – light green butterfly
I love taking pix of butterflies and I plant my flowerbeds
to attract them. Your awesome site is my favorite bug-n-butterfly
reference, but I haven’t been able to find this lovely
light green beauty. Do you know what it is? Magnolia
is north of Houston, near Conroe. Thanks bunches,

Hi Kristi,
We believe this is the Yellow Angled Sulphur, Anteos maerula,
which we located on the Mariposas
Mexicanas website
Our Butterflies Through Binoculars
The West book by Jeffrey Glassberg shows it in the southernmost
tip of Texas, so it is possible its range is expanding, or
perhaps it has been blown north by recent storms. It might
also be a closely related species, the White Angled Sulphur,
Anteos clorinde, which is also pictured on the Mariposas
Mexicanas website
. Thanks for submitting a new species to our site.

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