Acorn Weevil pics for you plus my gratitude
Dear Bugman,
I found you last week when I wanted to know what beautiful
bug was crawling on my kitchen bowl. Thanks to you I
discovered it was an Assasin Bug(pselliopus barberi) and a
whole new world was opened up to me. I had never even
heard of an Assasin bug before. Now I am a little addicted
to finding bugs in my yard and trying to identify them.
I guess I love the challenge, and it’s terribly fun to find
a match and put a name with the buggy face. I’ve been
using your site and the BugGuide. Thank you so much
for a wonderful and facinating resource for the bug illiterate.
My kids love it, too. We are working on creating science
journals this year, and our bug finds with proper identification
are a great addition! I thought you might like to have
some pictures of our Acorn Weevil. I noticed the one
you have is blurry. Also, I thought this was a pretty
picture of a Monarch Caterpillar. These were all taken
in my yard in Jefferson City, Missouri. I would like
to send other pictures just for fun, but only if you want
them. I know you get so many. With much gratitude
and admiration,
Rachelle Gilbert

Hi Rachelle,
Thanks so much for your Acorn Weevil photo. We are linking
to an interesting
about Acorn Weevils in the genus Curculio.

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