can’t find this one on your pages
I’ve looked through all your pages, but can’t find anything
quite like this gray caterpillar. I found it on a red
bee balm plant in my garden in north central Minnesota two
days ago. Last night it was in the 30s, and it’s gone.
It resembles a few you have, but isn’t quite right. The
gray color and head shape are right for the Xylophanes Falco,
but that has bright white spots and mine doesn’t. Also,
mine has one large dark spot on the top of its head, and a
dark spot [teeth?] in the front. It somewhat resembles
the Tersa Sphinx that I saw on your and Bill Oehlke’s site,
with a similar head shape but mine has fewer and less clear
spots. He says it’s found in Mexico and Texas – a long
way from Minnesota. It’s also a bit like a rustic sphinx
with the diagonal lines, but that doesn’t have dots like mine.
Can you tell me what it is? And if possible, I’d
love to see a photo of what it will turn into.
By the way, your photos are gorgeous. It took me forever
to look through your pages because I kept stopping to admire
them. Thanks,

Hi Susan,
Thanks to your submission, we now have a Hermit Sphinx Caterpillar,
Lintneria eremitus, on our site. You can see photos of the
adult moth on Bill
Oehlke’s excellent website

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