Know nothing about your ‘bug site’ and yeah yeah we all work
many jobs… try lowpaying one 8 am until -7 or 9pm
and then going to babysit a hyper kid straight from that job
to work until 12:15 ..AM!!!!! That was my schedule, PLUS a
college workload. Could not believe your unprofessional and
snotty response to a person who asked you to identify something
(uh,it IS an identifying site, cant handle it or dont have
time, take it down! )and the response was ‘did your
mommy do your homework for you’ what is that all about? What?!
Did YOUR mommy teach you any manners? If I had
a million jobs and was ‘very active’ in community then i wouldnt
post or maintain a site if it was getting too many letters.
Garbage in, garbage out.
Unsigned (but name on email account is Someone Nowhere)

Dear Someone Nowhere,
You are absolutely right. You are also absolutely right to
take the time from your busy no gratification life to write
this email to a person you don’t know. Your grammar is also
absolutely correct. Writing that falsity just gave us the
shivers. We will now paraphrase the writing of novelist Andre
Gide who once wrote something akin to: Sometimes one
must allow others to be right because it consoles them for
being nothing else.
With that said, your lack of
sensitivity to the hyperactivity of the unfortunate child
who is left in your care should be grounds for dismissal,
especially since the time stamp on your email indicates that
it was sent during the time you were being paid to supervise
that child. One can only wonder how someone with no interest
in a bug site could delve so deeply into our archives as to
find that long ago letter while being paid to supervise a
child. Multi-tasking like that will no doubt take you far
in life, but nowhere that we would care to go ourselves.

More Maniacal Nonsensical Ramblings

Two jobs? Surpirsed you have time . Who is this psycho sending messages??I will now quote Celine Walko: Garbage in, garbage out.. an empty barrel makes the most noise.. this psycho was blocked and responded again , what does that tell you ?? Don’t want to hear from you,not reading your message ha nor your site.. go away.
You have spell check, go use it.. lol, proofread your own work much? Let’s talk about who
needs to use ‘spellcheck’ (that is again a quote from Celine, deal with her directly).
What the are you talking about?? . You win nastiest’host’ award’ talkto my orofessor whos e child we watch,, and not watching when writing letters, mr anal retnentive much? We are not ‘perusers’ of your site and ahve no idea what your are talking about.. as we are not (ha!0a ‘customer’ and never would be.. GET A LIFE .. summer vacation, what’s that? And when this individual was blocked it means we dont wish to hear from mr snotty.. or ms.. whoever u are..we dont read your site.. who ARE you??????? Do not message us again . Surprised someone with ‘two full time jobs’ has the time.. summer vacation huh? what is that?h the listener award? You are aT EACHER ?! ..wouldnt be teaching long at my school, oh and when someone blocks you and you continue to contact.. let’s talk about who needs ‘dismissal’. and you have
spell check, use it. GO BE PRODUCTIVE., nor did we bother to read your childish, reaffirmation of your immaturity response.. my god! people like this are ‘active’ in community?

A Reader Comments: 18 September 2008
unethical for professor to have student babysitter
Wow… Babysitting for their own professor? Do their classmates know? Forget mommy–in this case it looks like their PROFESSOR does their homework for them directly! NO WONDER they were so offended by that thought. Wait, it might be spelled “fropfsessos,” let me spell-check that. Spellcheck? ‘ “Spell check” ‘?? Apparently someone knows or cares if there is officially a space between these two words, yet calls YOU mr. anal retentive… How about @#$%!! check?? This person is quite silly, being sensitive enough to be VERY offended by rudeness, and yet responding with a deluge of it. I imagine they mainly play with themselves throughout the work day, mentally or otherwise, and then spend their free time whining about how tough it was, what holy martyrs they are. Ugh! I kind of wish i hadnt been given the opportunity to read all that nastiness. I was planning on researching an insect. However, it was ultimately entertaining…the psychology of brats is kind of fascinating, no?
Ryan Bouchard (–parasitized caterpillar surgeon–)
Wakefield, RI, USA

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One Response to Fifth Recipient: Nasty Reader Award

  1. Arachne says:

    You guys have so much wit…I love browsing your site not only because of the pictures and information but also because of the way you…shall we say teach manners in a clever way? This is fun–although I bet it was a bit of a slap in the face for whoever was rude enough to send you this nasty message.
    And to Someone Nowhere, I have several thins to say:
    -Why must you exaggerate so much as to say that Lisa Anne, Daniel, and “everybody” has a million jobs?
    -I could not believe YOUR unprofessional and snotty response to two busy people who are giving there time to help others both online and in their own community.
    -You say you went to college. Presumably you also went to high school, middle school, and elementary school before that. In all that time, did you never hear in history class (or something similar) that Americans have freedom of speech? I’m assuming that you had to go to school when you were a kid to even be accepted at college, but it doesn’t exactly show.
    -You had a college workload, did you? Oh, yes, I’m sure you had the hardest time in English class. Maybe, now that you’re older and possibly (though probably not) a little smarter, you should go back.
    -The old adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” may be overused, but it still has meaning.
    -“Garbage in, garbage out,” eh? In my opinion, YOU are the garbage. You came in…and now it’s time for you to GET OUT.

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