A Gorgeous Kooky Striped Bug from Sierra Madre

S/he’s a little early for Halloween, but sporting fancy socks
and ready for any hootenany. This ~2.5′ damsel/fellow lives
on Altavera Street in Guanajuato, Mexico, in the Sierra Madre
mountains. Anyway, we met her in June when the entire city
had flooded and everybody was trapped in their/our houses.
We waded out seeking food and came across this quite jubilant
bug – s/he was cruising pretty fast and being studiously avoided
by all (albeit otherwise traumatized) town inhabitants. Except
us. We did the opposite, came over for a visit with her, and
hoped for the best. What IS she? Many many thanks,
Quintan Wikswo
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Quintan,
What a wonderful description of a Giant Mesquite Bug, Thasus acutangulus.

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