What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Sidekick: Magnificent Peculiar Stripey Flying
Friend from Sierra Madre
(1) Our eternal gratitude – the mystery of Giant Mesquite
Bug aka Madame Stripey Socks had been preoccupying a great
deal of our limited brain space…and what with the current
global epidemic [dearth] of functional brains, it’s a mitzvah
you’ve done, and we can now reallocate those resources.
(2) We fear we must once again impinge on your intellectual
generosity and lay a new enigma at your capable feet: who
is Madame Stripey’s sidekick, the elusive Magnificent Peculiar
Stripey Flying Friend from the Sierra Madre?!?!

Hi Again Quintan,
We do declare that your colorful language has been an instumental
factor in selecting your submissions for posting. There truly
is a dearth of functional brains if recent television coverage
is any indication. We are somewhat certain this is one of
the Scoliid Wasps, sometimes called Flower Wasps. There are
several US genera posted on BugGuide with similar looking
representatives. Campsomeris
and Scolia
are two possibilities. Adult Scoliid Wasps take nectar from
flowers and larvae are parasites of ground dwelling Scarab
Beetle grubs. The following are BugGuide’s list of identifying
features for Scoliid Wasps: “Robust wasps, medium-sized to
large. Distal part of wings have length-wise wrinkles. Bodies
hairy. Underneath, mesosternum and metasternum divided by
a transverse suture. Basal segments of rear legs (hind coxae)
well-separated. Usually dark-colored, often with light marks
(yellow or white) on abdomen.”

Thank you! We hereby vow to only rarely bug you again and yet in parting beseech you: please have mercy on our soul and correct our painful spelling error (dearth rather than dirth). We were watching certain television coverage that caused what i could only call The Empire Virus to momentarily dismantle our command of the English language.
A subtle correction – or, in lieu, an erratum — would place us ever more deeply in steadfast devotion to your artistry.
Quintan Wikswo

Hi again Quintan,
Anyone who correctly uses the word erratum deserves the benefit of a correction request, albeit with brackets inserted. You would be depriving our reading public if you withhold your high quality photographs and witty comments, so we would request that you submit any “bug” images our way that you think would enhance our site. Eric Eaton has written us back to confirm that your photo is a Scoliid Wasp. Good luck with processing the many mind-numbingly irrational comments, opinions and sound bytes that we will no doubt be subject to prior to Election Day. We will be struggling to maintain our own sanity with the contradictory mixed messages and double standards that result from blind ferver. Our only hope is that we as a country make the right choice. We all understand how important it is to have a right to choose.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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