Thanks for helping me identify this xenox tigrinis!

Hi Bugman,
I just found your site while trying (and succeeding, thanks!)
to identify this big fly. Here’s a shot of xenox tigrinis
hanging out on a tropical plant on my balcony in London, Ontario,
Canada. I was terrified of it while taking pictures because
its wings resemble those of flies that bite (deer or horse
flies I guess) at my cottage. But it was definitely not scared
of me. Anyways, thanks for helping me identify it!

Hi Mike,
Congratulations on the correct identification of your Tiger
Bee Fly, Xenox tigrinis. We checked our archives, and realized
that the last Tiger Bee Fly we posted was actually misidentified.
Since it was from California, it was more likely Xenox habrosus.

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  1. Thomas Eckhoff says:

    I live in Wiliamsburg, VA and when I am working in the yard or walking our dog an annoying black triangular shaped fly will hover around my head or arms. If it happens to land and you don’t catch it in time, it will bite and for me it leaves a welt similar to a mosquito. I thought this may be a Tiger Bee Fly, but from what I have read they don’t bite. I am curious what this could be and if there is a way to keep them off.

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