Japanese Beetles
I see you have a few pictures of these guys (Japanese Beetles) already, but they were just tearing up my friends roses and I wanted to share. They are so insidious!!! This photo was taken August 24th, in Lakeview Michigan, just north of Greenville. Thanks for your cool site ( love it )!
Erica Carranco

Hi Erica,
The Japanese Beetle is an excellent example of what happens when a destructive invasive exotic species becomes established elsewhere. Japanese Beetles appear in July and eat almost everything in their path until they are killed by the frost.

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  1. Laura Priest says:

    Hey Ya’ll….Greetings from Florida. I love this page. I also love bugs. When my son was little we would go out to our back yard at night with our flashlights to see what we could find. We have a spider here called an Ogre Face. It is so cool because they hold their web in their front legs and snag prey as it walks by. Thanks for this page. I will visit often. Laura Priest Jacksonville Florida.

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