… and we hope you like our new user friendly format. We have spent many long hours in this transition, and we are confident the changes will make our site easier for you to use and navigate. Please contact us with any comments, problems, suggestions, praise… Autumn is here and we are swamped. Our summer vacation has ended. We are returning to the classroom and numerous time consuming responsibilities. This means we will not be able to answer or post as many letters. We are setting a strict time limit of only 30 minutes per day allotted to answering your numerous requests, so most will be ignored. We are getting about 100 letters per day and can only post a few. We can email short answers to a few more. Getting our attention is the luck of the draw. Chances are quite good that the insect you want identified might already be in our archives. Please try our search engine or click the links on the left side of the homepage. Don’t forget to scroll down to see our most recent postings and you can see the alphabetized archive of links on the lower left.

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  1. alicey says:

    Keep the posts about quality, not quantity!! =)

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