Pennsylvania Leatherwing

Bee? Beetle? in Illinois Hi there! I stumbled across your website while looking for something about this insect. I saw it on a flower (the picture included) and thought it was a beetle. I was out collecting some flowers this afternoon and saw a whole bunch of them on some blanket flowers. I looked closer … Read more

Elm Sawfly

Caterpillar @ Presque Isle River Seen: Presque Isle River in MI’s U.P. I did not see this on your site. You couldn’t locate this “caterpillar” because it is not a caterpillar. It is an Elm Sawfly Larva, Cimbex americana, which can be found on Bugguide.

Dysdaemonia boreas from Mexico

Moth ID please Hi Bug man. My 7 year old son turned me on to your site. I’ve been a bug collector all my life and it seems he’s following in my footsteps. I travel quite a bit and am required to pack a net. "Dad, you’ve got a net, right?" Last month I was … Read more

Pandora Moth

Moths I have spent hours searching the Internet and your site and the Holland book you recommended. Two of the attached pictures are of a moth with its wings open and closed; I though perhaps it could be a pine moth. The other picture (sorry it is a little fuzzy) is of a beautiful moth … Read more

Female Carolina Mantis

Black and tan Praying Mantis from southwest Texas Until yesterday, I didn’t even know the Praying Mantis had any other color than green. We were on a hilltop 15 miles north of Brackettville, Tx which is in the southwest part of the state and I saw this little guy. His colors made me think of … Read more

Imperial Moth Caterpillar

What’s my bug (caterpillar) Hello you intelligent bug lovers! On behalf of Yulee Elementary School in Yulee, FL, thanks for making this informative and colorful site. One of my co-workers has asked me to identify this species. She has it co-inhabiting a jar w/ oleander larvae. I have looked at all the submitted photos but … Read more