Silver Garden Spider

Crazy Spider in San Diego Hi Bugman, Here’s a unique spider I found in my yard in San Diego California about 10 miles inland from the coast. Serra Mesa to be exact area code 92123. I’ve never seen anything like it with the bumps or ridges on its abdomen. What is this and is it … Read more

Mating Oakworm Moths

Moth Mates Hello, I saw a bunch of these bright moths swarming the garage at work. This picture was taken in July. These guys were hanging from a roof. I imagine the little one is the male? Thanks, Katie Benton Harbor, MI Hi Katie, These are mating Oakworm Moths in the genus Anisota. The World’s … Read more

Wheel Bugs Mating and Eating

wheel bug You have a great site! I was shooting some pictures of our new terminal at the Indianapolis airport and saw this very weird bug. It turns out it was 3 bugs in one, I hope you can use the pictures. Thanks for helping me ID this thing. Martin Edwards Hi Martin, We really … Read more

Southern Pine Sphinx

A pine-tree-loving sphinx caterpillar? Hi– Just found your site today–it’s brilliant! This little guy came down with a bunch of pine branches courtesy of tropical storm Fay when it swept past Jacksonville, Florida. After glancing through your caterpillar pages, I’d guess it’s some sort of sphinx caterpillar. We have lots of lantana in our yard … Read more

Azalea Caterpillar

beautiful caterpillar My husband and I found this on a blueberry bush. As soon as we touched the branch, “he” assumed this defensive posture, curling up and emitting a drop of liquid from end back end. It’s a beautiful creature, but what is it? I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to place the photo into … Read more

Prominent Moth Caterpillar

unknown caterpillar We aren’t sure if this came out of our greenhouse or from one of the trees in our yard. It is approximately 2″ long. We live at Moose Pass, Alaska, on the Kenai Peninsula. This is one of the Prominent Moth Caterpillars, possibly in the genus Furcula.