beautiful caterpillar
My husband and I found this on a blueberry bush. As soon as we touched the branch, “he” assumed this defensive posture, curling up and emitting a drop of liquid from end back end. It’s a beautiful creature, but what is it? I’m sorry but I wasn’t able to place the photo into this e-mail, other than attaching it. I hope you are able to open the document. Thank you
Sarah, Rolla, MO

Hi Sarah,
Despite being named the Azalea Caterpillar, BugGuide indicates that Datana major can also be found on blueberry.

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  1. Mary manning says:

    My sister was stung by theses caterpillar and they are very painful ! Yet your site has nothing about the sting . Yet other sites say they do. My sister got a very painful sting.

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