Black and tan Praying Mantis from southwest Texas
Until yesterday, I didn’t even know the Praying Mantis had any other color than green. We were on a hilltop 15 miles north of Brackettville, Tx which is in the southwest part of the state and I saw this little guy. His colors made me think of desert camo. Then I find your site and see all the many many varieties of Praying Mantis and I’m amazed! I didn’t see my guy on your site, although the Carolina Mantid on your page was similar in coloring. What’s that bug?
Genie Robinson
Brackettville, TX

Hi Genie,
Based on BugGuide, we believe this is a female Carolina Mantis, Stagmomantis carolina. We don’t believe your specimen is fully mature due to the small size of her wings. The female Carolina Mantis does not have fully developed, functional wings, but mature specimens have more noticeable wings than are represented in your photograph.

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