I live in northern KY. This bug was found on Northern KY University’s campus in May or June. He is probably about an inch long, flies and his antennae are long and hairy. What is he???

Hi Shannon,
But for the extreme hairiness of the antennae, your beetle is a near perfect match to the Six Banded Longhorn, Dryobius sexnotatus, pictured on BugGuide. BugGuide also indicates it is “Uncommon (2)and listed as rare and endangered on several websites.”

Update: (08/28/2008)
The longhorned beetle is identified correctly. Some images show how hairy the antennae are, and some images don’t. It is all in the lighting and resolution. I lived in Cincinnati (across the Ohio River from No. Kentucky U.) for eleven years, and never saw a Dryobius in all the time I spent in forested areas there.

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