Hump back with HUGE thighs in Hood River, Oregon
I love your website, and spent about 3 hours looking at pictures trying to ID my cricket/katydid. It isn’t what I think it is. We found this in my front yard while digging out fence posts. I can’t see any wings, it’s back is armored and humped, it’s coppery brown and very shiny, about an inch long. I was most impressed with it’s huge thighs! Can you help? Thanks,
Kathy Petersen in Oregon.

Hi Kathy,
In our opinion, this is a Camel Cricket in the family Rhaphidophoridae, though it does not look like the basement dwelling species we usually receive. We believe your specimen is in the genus Ceuthophilus, as evidenced by images posted to BugGuide.

Update: (08/26/2008) from Eric Eaton
The camel cricket is just that, probably in the genus Ceuthophilus or Pristoceuthophilus. It looks like a combination of the two, actually! Males of Pristoceuthophilus usually have a dramatic bow in the hind tibia, which this specimen does not have. So, it might be a genus I am unfamiliar with….
Eric Eaton

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